.​.​.​For Your Age

by The Long Game

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What’s Become Of You VERSE 1 You never used to take yourself so seriously, But now you're not the same person that you used to be. You're trying to shed me and I think it's insane, That you're ideals only suit you when there's personal gain. How could you go back on all that you said? I'm hoping this hypocrisy's been badly misread, But I know that it's not, I know it's a lie, I keep making excuses but I don't know why. PRE-CHORUS 1 You're in denial - I put you on trial and I don't like what I saw, Always evading but never escaping the clutch it had on my thoughts. I need to forget you but I find it too hard to, So I don't know what I can do now, I've gotta overcome this somehow. CHORUS I can’t say what I am thinking for sure, But I think that you’ve given up and what’s more, Is now I don’t know what you want me to do, So let’s stop and see what’s become of you. VERSE 2 Now I'm watching you live through the same mistakes that I made, But you're ignoring my warning 'cause you're not afraid, That you will get the very same outcome as me, I hate bear the bad news, But you did can't you see? You think that you're different but you know that's a lie, Now watch time pass you by, As it did for me. I’m left with this thought, It occurred to me, That you might take the bad news fairly differently. PRE-CHORUS 2 You're stuck to the saddle, Up shit creek with no paddle, No hope of leaving this course. Similarly to me but you pretend you can't see, As Stubbornness shows no remorse. You need to forget it but you'd be too full of regret, So you don't know what you can do now, You’ve gotta overcome this somehow. BRIDGE It's gone on far too long, You fail to see you're wrong, But I was blinded too. It's kinda hard to say I blame you but hypocrites do as hypocrites do.
Lost The Plot VERSE 1 I've lost the plot, And all I've got, Seems to me like it's no longer worth a lot, As all my friends they have disowned me, And claimed they'd never wished to have known me. It goes to show you, That you don't know who, Will be the next to let the truth slip through, It's such a shame they claim I'm to blame but that's my job and, That will always be the same. CHORUS They'll take theirs and I'll take mine like before we'll work this out in time. I hate to bring back up the past, But I always was the one laughing last. I don't repress I'll never change, Just like deep down I know they'll stay the same. The next day will reset be just like the last and we'll never question "Why?" Just let it pass. VERSE 2 I gave a shot, At being what, Everyone had already deemed I was not, But once again I was a failure, I guess it's just not in my nature. So why repeat, what's been done before, Continue on, never to reform? I don't believe that should be the status quo, Accepting accepting only what we already know.
Why Give Up? 03:13
Why Give Up? VERSE 1 Well you've been saying that you think you're gonna leave, You don't know where to turn or who you can believe, I get that you are sick of always feeling down, Well it's gonna turn around. CHORUS I can't find a reason to not carry on. VERSE 2 You're not the only one out there who feels this way, It happens all the time but then it goes away, It's easy to forget times that make it worthwhile, But don't be in denial. BRIDGE At the end of the day it comes down to, What you feel is right for you, But that's not always the easy way. I cannot empathise with your point of view, But then most of the time neither can you, Sometimes your mind just tends to stray. So tell me how it is, what's it gonna be? Have you seen the light? 'Cause it seems to me, That these thoughts of yours will not part. I'm trying to help you now so help me too, I don't want you gone but what's that gonna do? I've said the same thing from the start. FINAL CHORUS So why give up?
Pass The Blame (The Problems In Society) VERSE 1 People have a habit of, Blaming all of their problems on everybody else. They can never take responsibility, It’s like a fucking disability, That all people unfortunately have. CHORUS When the public complains about the problems in society, Don’t they know that they’re as much to blame, As those who feel the need, The greed to steal the country’s money? Fundamentally all people are the same. I am no exception, But neither are you. VERSE 2 The higher authorities, Are seen by the majorities, As a dumping ground on which to take a shit. Though they are partly to blame, They shouldn’t be the only ones to feel shame, As you did nothing in the prevention of the causes you feel need attention.
Don’t Need This VERSE 1 I put myself out on the line to help you get back onto your feet, But who knew that you would find staying on them such a terrible feat? It turns out that there is nothing which will stop you that I can say. Oh well, it’s such a shame ‘cause now I’ll never see you the same way. PRE-CHORUS Why is it that people can never fail to recognise, The things that seem so clear through everyone except that person’s eyes? CHORUS Ignorance is bliss, But only for the ignorant, Until the illusion is shattered then the, Things which do not matter will to you, As in your eyes, You will not have realised that, The only thing that makes life worth living, Is if you live the life you want to live. VERSE 2 They always told me it was futile because you are a lost cause, But I let my better nature tell me that they were wrong because, I always trusted you but it turns out that I never should’ve ‘Cause when I did you didn’t care in the end it did you no good. FINAL CHORUS (Your actions counter your words, You tell me that you’re trying, But every time it seems you’re lying, And once again you’ve deferred, You have put it off before, I don’t need this anymore.)
This Trust 02:56
This Trust CHORUS Distrust, No need, There's no reason for you to mislead. This trust, No more, Not sure if you were lying before. VERSE 1 I never realised before, But you always put yourself before me. You'll always take the easy route, But not take responsibility. You must have thought that I was, A huge push-over because, How could you want more from me, When you're so untrustworthy? BRIDGE She's calling the shots but you never did, You always had to be told, Dependant was always your role, But I know it isn't your fault. VERSE 2 You asked me what I thought you should, Do one time when you were in need. You chose to not do as I said, Even though you said you agreed. You told her all that I'd said, But changed my real motive, So now I'm paying for it, For the words you misquoted.
I Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore VERSE 1 You seem to contradict yourself a lot. You say you cannot change, It’s who you are, But I think that it’s not. What am I expected to believe? ‘Cause I think I’m starting to perceive the sort of person you are. CHORUS Why don’t you stand up for what you believe in? Or do your views just change with the crowds’? It’s safe to say you speak without reason. I don’t know who you are anymore. Well maybe you just deceived me, Maybe you deceived yourself too. Either way I’ve come to the conclusion, If you don’t give a shit, then I don’t give a shit about you. VERSE 2 “So what if I’m a hypocrite? As long as you don’t dwell on it, Then no harm no foul.” As if you didn’t understand the impact that your actions had. So why’d you make them?
I Can’t Stand Him Standing Next To You VERSE 1 I saw you walking out with him again. Why put me through this shit? I thought that you were supposed to be my friend. And the smiles you're faking and trying to sell, If you think I'm buying it well you can go to hell. CHORUS I can't stand him standing next to you, I can't stand him standing next to you, And though I probably should look for someone new, I can't stand him, stand him, standing next to you. VERSE 2 Have you forgotten about our history? The laughs we used to share before you’d had enough of me. And if you think that it won't happen with him too, It won’t be long now ‘til the two of you are through. BRIDGE And if you think that things are going well, (Going well), Well I can tell, (I can tell), He is just using you and, Even if they really are, I'll still tear you two apart, ‘Cause I'm just a self-centred asshole. I just can't stop thinking ‘bout you, but the thought of someone else's arm around you, Why can’t I just forget all about you? And even if this doesn't make you change your mind, I’m sure you'll fall apart in time, But I won't be here waiting for you!
Grate Expectations VERSE 1 It used to be that my only concern would be trying to achieve others’ hopes for me, But recently I have started to see that life’s worth more than pandering to others’ needs, Especially when they claim that they are mine, And I know if I don’t waste my time then I’ll be fine. See good intentions lead to great expectations which lead to even greater complications, As other people fail to empathise when I say I’ll be content with lesser payment, In exchange for enjoying all my time you see. For what’s the point of money if you are still not happy? CHORUS Things never turn out the way they were planned, And life may seem to stay the same and always seem just as bland, But oh so much was expected of/by me, Well that’s the way it used to be. VERSE 2 We were promised education but instead were given inauguration, With no concerns for what we actually learnt only for their own reputations. I have to say I wasn’t very glad, When the skills to pass without knowledge were all I had.
Hard Realisation (Boners Track) VERSE 1 Inflict your views not what is right, Censor whatever you don't like. Revoke our rights, Remove our say, Take our freedom of choice away, If shame is your weapon of choice. Jump on any bandwagon you can, To prevent opposition to your plan, Irrelevant points. With untrue facts, ‘Cause you know that it detracts, Attention from your true motive. CHORUS 1 The truth is you do not care about the things that children see, I think that you have got a grudge to bear with pornography. VERSE 2 Your aversive attempts aren't fooling me, You're detrimental to our humanity, You say your best interests are ours, but from the truth that's more than far, like all of us you're in it for yourself Telling people what is best for them, You won’t be pleased, ‘Til everyone agrees with your ‘freedom.’ When a 14 year old is the voice of reason, You must know that you're doing something wrong. BRIDGE You're telling parents that they’re wrong and cannot raise their kids, You're making people admit, Ruining relationships You know that no-one will stand up for what they know is right, For what you know is right. VERSE 3 The day I realised that I'm not in control of my life, Was when the fear set in, The impact as it hit me, The indefinite loss of control that I never really had. CHORUS 1 The truth is you do not care about the things that children see, I think you have some unanswered questions about your sexuality. BRIDGE 2 David, I had no problem with you, Your policies or your attitude, But to choose for us is to condescend, Take away our rights and you’re gonna, Fuckin' offend.


released August 7, 2014

Aiden Lamb - Vocals/Guitar
Ben Davison - Trombone
Oliver Geer - Bass
Harry Whatrup - Trumpet/Vocals
Lucas Hui - Drums

Produced by Keith Nickson-Romagna and Skaciety
Engineered and mixed by Keith Nickson-Romagna
All music and lyrics written by Aiden Lamb
Except for 'Does My Offbeat Look Big In This?' written by Call Me Malcolm
Album art designed by Ben Davison and Lucas Hui
Album art by Aiden Lamb
Band name mispronounced by most people


all rights reserved



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