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Overstaying Our Welcome

by The Long Game

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No hope for the future as I can’t learn from the past, this cyclical innocence it never seems to pass. Placing my trust in others is what I feel is right, so why does it only seem to serve to make me contrite? Nothing has changed. No hope for the future as we can't learn from the past. Mistakes once made now re-conveyed to suit 'needs' that won't last. This misinformation somehow shocks me every time, No need for a reason if it reads like it might rhyme. So ignore all of the warnings, ignore the past and present sense. Our motto’s always read: “Ignorance - Your Best Defence.” One thing history has shown will always stay the same, is that mob mentality sees that the wrong group gets the blame. Nothing has changed: when you have faith in someone else, whose best interest is themself. We always think we’ve advanced but it’s clear past first glance that nothing has changed, yet so much has changed.
Times have changed and so has your mind. The way things were can’t go on. You felt alone, I now sympathise, but then I blamed you; I was wrong. All of that time I spent contemplating, giving in to my fears, lacking the strength to even acknowledge what was so painfully clear. “If you can’t see what I can see, then none of this makes sense to me,” All good things must come to an end, and this time I can no longer pretend. Words were said and some more regrets trying to prove I was wrong, I couldn’t bring myself to admit it so I persevered on. Building up all of my frustrations, knowing that the end was near, dragging my feet against the will of all that I could see or hear. I would like to thank you for the years where every night we’d talk, but all good things must come to an end, in spite of all that we said and this time I can no longer pretend.
Wait 03:39
Due to the error of my ways I’ve mistakenly displayed my true opinion so I feel I must apologise for any offence I may have caused along the way. Too bad I’m not allowed my say. I can’t afford more mistakes or else my freedom you’ll take and that’s a hefty price to pay. Wait, how you can you want us to co-operate when we can’t have our say? It seems to me that you think we’ll give up; I disagree. I find that each and every day and at that to my dismay, limitations are put down by all of those who surround us, as they all say that we should be free from all of the things which may offend, free from those who dare lament, free from what they don’t agree. How can we truly be free when we’re politely told to bend? Is it too much to ask to live our lives without the fear of, having it all taken away? I think it’s time for us to make a stand before it gets too late and we find we’ve over-welcomed our stay.
Lose Sight 02:56
The thought process behind the worst mistakes I’ve made has to be my greatest fear, “It is the little things in life…” - well that goes both ways, both for my guilt and cheer. Obsession leads to doubt and eventual regression. Admitting fault stopped by my internal dissension. So this guilt will still remain, regardless of how inane (it is)-I can’t let this be who I’ve become. I don’t know when or why this darkness or this pressure took its hold of my mind. Maybe a change in heart or maybe just in hormones could justify its start. I’ve let habit dictate what my life is for too long, Justifications end when I admit something’s wrong. So with this breath I do confirm my mental state is my concern and my fight alone to overcome. So I’m sorry for the days my mind is far away, It’s not fair to put this all on you. I can’t lose sight of what life once was. I’m not right.
Never Learn 03:22
Here I am in this fucked up state of mind again. All of the old memories seem to be from a time that was less complicated. Am I supposed to feel like things have run their course, when my life is still yet to be and has only been contemplated? Basic needs waging war with self-esteem that’s slowly waning, It seems I can’t let myself win: another day. Never one to interrupt. Always the last to get things done. A lifetime of putting off. So now I’ve lost my voice, as I’ve lost my train of thought, whilst waiting for my turn. I guess I’ll never learn. (Living forever in my mind.) Thoughts of past mistakes and of little accidents are all made out to be so much more than they really are. Doubts made up of nothing but some desperate need to put myself down again and keep reality somewhere far. I’m in two minds and it’s apparent the balance is fading, So much for having a thick skin: another day. (Another day has slipped away.)
I can remember it as if it were today, The time, where has it gone? It always slips away, It seems as soon as you get to grips with the state you’re in, life gets in the way and forces you to start again. It seems as if you were with us just yesterday. We’ve fallen victim again as you’ve fallen prey to the state of mind that takes all rationale away, And we can’t help but watch you fall, as there’s nothing to… Together we’ll stand in your hour of darkness. Whatever we planned can wait so don’t be daft. Yes, today it’s a fresh wound, but that doesn’t mean you can become consumed, as the morning makes it yesterday’s news. I know it’s hard to see just why you feel this way, though for no blatant reason, self-doubt is in play. If I can state just one thing, from my life, I have learned this: learn to take the good with the bad as life just takes the… And even though it seems that pain’s all you feel now, these feelings they will pass and with time will tone down. It is so hard to say, though you won’t always feel this way, you now can’t return to life before, ‘cause growing up opens a new door: the weight of the world is yours now, don’t let it make you come crashing down.
You can’t see me for anything but your lies, vague attempts to somehow justify our demise. You thrive off of attention, like an addiction, craved, (criticising all of the faults you see inside yourself, your insecurities all revealed by you.) Despite how trite at this point, it’s all you’ve conveyed. (You work so hard for everything that you get in this life whilst others don’t and are given it all too.) I don’t know what more there is to say, than I don’t fucking wanna live this way. The filth you fling will not stick to the wall, but we both know who will bear the brunt of it all, (‘cause deep inside you always have needed yourself to fail, more ammo to let your shortcomings prevail.) Every time you fell through for me I’d always take the fall. All of those lies misconstrued to me to make me look the fool. For every time that you would say, you’d changed your ways but stayed the same. For me? No way, no I don’t fucking want to live this way.
Not Wait 02:08
You never understood and I don’t think you ever could. Sometimes it takes the darkest days to see, what’s right in front of me, when deception hides clarity. I guess I saw the things you thought I should. So I’ll just sit here watch another day go by, it’s not like I have got anything else planned. Days turn to struggles as I slowly lose my mind but I wouldn’t expect you to understand. I wonder how long you took to leave once inside you knew. I wonder if that crossed your mind at all. I can’t help but feel small, when all of my attempts to forestall these doubts just remind me that you fell through.
Sometimes, I just have to step back and really take a look around; how insignificant my troubles start to seem. We obsess over all the little pointless things that can be found; wasting our time, losing our sense of sympathy. I look back to the past, to the times my doubts would always last; thoughts would get the best of me. Insignificancies, gnawing at my brain like a disease. How simple all of it seems. All that I took for granted, I wish are all I'd wanted, but you don’t know until it’s gone. Yeah, we've all made mistakes, been at the wrong time at the wrong place but that doesn’t matter now. Those who matter to you, should be all that matter, that is true, that’s overlooked anyhow. All that you hear about fills up your head with doubt, don’t let them be the be/end-all. I find it funny what they tell you, convince you of and what they sell you, they don’t give a fuck if it’s wrong. Take a step back, change your point of view. Clear your thoughts and see the passage through. Rocks that blocked your avenue before don’t look so big anymore. Time is like a feather on the breeze. Don’t mistake the forest for the trees. All of the riches in the world you’ll find on the outside of your mind. And in the end that is all that matters to me, that I don't let myself lose my humanity.
So let’s take a look at what we’ve got, at times like this it feels it’s not a lot, but every time we always see the end of it, so why is it that I still care? The same old story told a slightly different way: you insist you are on my side but then you stray. Then I confront this fact and say things I regret. Both feeling hard done by and both in our ways set. It’s hard to be rational when anger hijacks your thoughts. Given the circumstances it’s no shock that we fall short. From time to time, as we are for better or worse, one and the same. At this point it’s pretty devoid of sense to try, as despite our best efforts, things they always spiral out of control, regardless of our intents, so to dwell on these times is just more time misspent. No matter how I put it in my mind it’s still the same: I make a conscious effort, then I put myself to shame. But no matter how bad things get in the end we both still remain. It’s tough to look back objectively through the years, when some part of you wants to confirm your worst fears. This rhetoric aside, all there is left to say, is that we both know that it will not end this way…to my dismay.
You only know once you get that first breath of freedom, that for so long you’ve not been free. It’s hard to stay when you can no longer face the music, to accept rationality. I hope you do not ever regret your decision, especially through sympathy, The only things you should always try to remember are all of the great memories. “I think it’s time that I should go now. I think it’s time for me to leave. There’s no reason to carry on now, at least that’s how it seems to me." As I write down these words I can’t help but to look back, to the fun times that we all had. It’s tough to swallow down the best of situations, when you forget that it’s not all bad. Goodbye old friend, I’ll see you around.


released January 1, 2018

Skaciety is:
Aiden Lamb - Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Kalimba
Ben Davison - Trombone, Lead/Backing Vocals
Connor Godfrey - Drums
Harry Whatrup - Trumpet, Backing Vocals, Keyboard
Logan Haddrell - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Written: June 2011 - June 2017
Recorded: December 2015, April - June 2017 at Whitehouse Studios
All songs written by Aiden Lamb except for 'Step Back (Take A Look Around)' written by Aiden Lamb, Laila Khan and Paul Barnes
Produced by Dave Chang and Skaciety
Mixed and Engineered by Dave Chang
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room
Band Photography by Chris Bissle
Sleeve Design by cjldesign.co.uk

Additional musicians:
Liz Mitchell - Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone
Will Freed - Drums
Phil Barnett - Tenor Saxophone


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